Genie Forklift

Genie Forklift

Genie is a globally recognized corporation that enjoys the spirit of collaboration with their extensive network of connected consumers. Genie Industries prides itself on the vision of bringing materials and people higher and extending further beyond the products they produce. Genie Industries strives to help clientele erect their operations no matter how large or small the level of undertaking may be.

In 1996, with the launch of the Genie Hoist, which is a pneumatic, portable materials lift spawned the beginning of Genie Industries. A succession of aerial work platforms and additional materials lift trucks followed to satisfy consumer demand. These innovative products secured international acknowledgment and established contemporary product design.

Now, Genie Industries is a subsidiary of the Terex Corporation. Among their top priorities are to fabricate and maintain foremost quality construction and unbending level of support and service. With clients from Dubai to Dallas and Hong Kong to Helsinki requesting the distinctive blue coloured materials lift trucks on the jobsite, the business is firmly planted in their exceptional customer values and service. Acknowledging that their clients are their greatest inspiration, the team at Genie Industries are individually dedicated to providing expertise and maintaining customer rapport.

The dependable staff is fully committed to greener, more environmentally practical options to advance the products that consumers want. Genie Industries focuses on "lean manufacturing" practices in order to help minimize waste while developing very high quality lift trucks in the shortest time period at the lowest possible cost for the customer. The team at Genie Industries is proud to serve the industry and this is reflected in every creation they manufacture. Always inviting consumer input allows them to produce and develop progressive new products that are simple to service and use, provide optimum value-for-cost and meet worldwide standards. Thriving on consumer feedback helps Genie Industries to persistently evolve and meet the consumersâ?? needs.

Genie service specialists grasp the importance of uptime. They are readily available to satisfy inquiries and offer solutions. Their vast parts network will swiftly send components to guarantee their customersâ?? machinery are operating efficiently. Every product comes backed by a competitive and reliable warranty.

Genie Industries takes great pride in its customer service and builds and serves its goods to ensure effectiveness and maximum uptime on the job. Offering on-going education opportunities, to marketing support to flexible financing possibilities, Genie Industries offers their customers the tools to get the most out of their purchase.

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