Clark Forklift

Clark Forklift

Currently, there are at least 350,000 Clark lift trucks performing globally, and more than 250,000 in commission in North America alone. With five major lines across the world, Clark is proud to be one of the most expansive corporations in the industry. Heavy duty trucks ranging from 1,500lb to 18,000lb capacities, duel fuel, gas, LPG, hand powered trucks, narrow-aisle stackers and electric riders are some of their specialties.

Clark Totalift has 20 distinctive designs of lift trucks, with components covering more than 120,000 specific items for all of its automated equipment. Your local Clark Dealer is your total source for availability of all your parts needs offered by Clark Totalift.

Clark has a exceptional Parts Distribution team. The items warehouses are conveniently located in Changwon, South Korea and Louisville, Kentucky to ensure exceptional service to both their customers and their dealers. For over 90 years, Clark has surpassed industry standards, being one of the most actively advancing manufacturers. Driven to provide the highest level of value and service to our customers, Clark remains on the leading edge when it comes to improving output and benefiting performance.

Clark Totalift has a very impressive international support network. With over 550 locations globally, dealer representation in over 80 nations and 230 locations in North America, their high level of commitment to their clients predominates the materials handling market.

Clark proudly remains an innovative leader of the industrial equipment industry, revolutionizing protection features such as the worker restraint system. This exceptional commitment to safety is at this time a standard feature on every lift truck.

Clark has a continual mission to have the No. 1 quality system in the industry which is demonstrated by their dedication to ISO standards. Clark, is the first manufacturer of forklifts and lift vehicles to be internationally certified with quality standard ISO 9001 in all of its manufacturing plants. Also, the ISO 14001 Environmental Stewardship System certificate was awarded to Clarkâ??s Korean facility in 2001. This paramount achievement enables Clark to be prepared for any number of environmental limitations, thus placing them in a prevailing market position.

Lean Production

Clark has selected the system of "Lean Manufacturing" at all of its assembly plants for the reason that this system is extremely economical and permits minimal use of resources. Developed to ensure maximum efficiency, this system is designed to discover and acknowledge the most effective ways for production plant management. Clark has completed this transition of its Korean plant. COPS which is Clark Optimized Production System, similarly focuses on quality of product and services and production efficiencies.


By working collectively, Clark's product suppliers and engineers communicate towards enhancing product proficiency while minimizing expenses. The new value engineering program combines modern product development and provides superior consumer support and service within the industry.

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