Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Surrey

Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Surrey

Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Surrey - The train the trainer program designed for aerial lifts helps to teach the trainers how to safely train prospective operators in an industrial setting. Trainers will be provided with in-depth instruction on the workings of aerial lift machinery. The program is offered on an open enrollment basis and delivered at selected training locations. Before the certification, trainers are assessed and scored based on their knowledge and demonstrated skills.

The Aerial Lifts Train the Trainer Certification Program emphasizes practical learning. As the best training provider within the industry, we provide the best hands-on training possible through opportunities to practice concepts and techniques taught in the classroom. In addition to hands-on experience, trainers develop general understanding of instructional methods and equipment theory, classroom and field communication skills, and ability to effectively train and assess operators. Trainers will gain knowledge of what traits make a successful trainer.

The Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Certification Program teaches the instructional techniques involved in communicating concepts inside a classroom and/or field situation. Knowledge requires a training component to be effective in workplace situations. There are three aspects of machine operation which the trainer should learn how to convey to operators: what to carry out; how to do it; and why it should be done.

In the program, trainers would be given the latest, detailed reference material to better help them convey the information to equipment operators. The guidebooks used, contain detailed information regarding all aspects of industrial mobile equipment operator training. Incorporated in the package are training aids which provide a visual reference to improve the learning experience. The equipment-specific training products include essential materials for both the operator and the trainer: overhead transparencies, videos/DVD's, equipment models, safety message posters; digital training aids and stability pyramid.

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With such a large selection of opportunities for certification, you are sure to discover one that meets your needs. In addition, we provide you two possibilities for training. We can provide it on-site or at our place of business. Our qualified staff can tailor our instruction to your particular equipment at your site of operations.

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