Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are machinery that has a platform which could be lowered or lifted to various heights, thus making this piece of equipment an important requirement in a wide range of professions. Offered in many different specific varieties such as aerial platform lifts, scissor lifts, and knuckle boom lifts, each type functions very specifically.

Aerial hoists are most commonly used to transport people at skiing lodges who are not comfortable using a snowboard lift. These hoists function very similar to an elevator, snowboarders may be gradually shuffled up the mountain, stopping at stations along the way until they reach the top. Aerial platform lifts are also used in construction, transporting personnel securely up and down the sides of multi-level building sites.

Scissor hoists are also in the boom lift group. They are used frequently by service companies as an idyllic system to allow employees to finish maintenance and repair on wires and cables that are attached to poles. Phone, cable and power companies have relied on the effectiveness of this type of boom jack for years.

Knuckle boom lift trucks are built to be utilized in rough terrain locales where the need to be able to reverse direction is necessary. This kind of boom is able to fit into various tights spaces that a scissor lift cannot. Working between multiple machines in a production plant or in near proximity stuck between two walls, the knuckle boom also features a standard platform fitted with rails for security and employee safety.

Based on the job requirements and the nature of job to be completed will ascertain the proper type of boom jack to opt for. Luckily, there is a model suited for almost any application.

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